I encountered a problem when somebody add some site details.

The xx_discuss_users table field site:
{"siteUrl":"http:\/\/pood4.xxx.ee\/","siteUsername":"help","sitePassword":"help","ftpUrl":"http://www.xxx.ee";,"ftpUsername":"help.mybody.ee","ftpPassword":"xxx","optional":"Website admin\r\nAddress website: http:\/\/pood4.xxx.ee\/\r\nUser: help\r\nPass: help\r\n\r\nFtp info\r\nServer: http://www.xxx.ee\r\nUser: help.xxx.ee\r\nPass: xxx"}

The problem is part Optional, \r\n gives an error, when I remove these characters it is fine:

Error: 0 - Error decoding JSON data: Control character error, possibly incorrectly encoded.

Somewhere in administrator\components\com_easydiscuss\includes\post\post.php at line 6236:
$siteDetails = new JRegistry($postOwner->get('site'));

Best regards

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