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I'm trying (without really knowing for certain if it's possible, I should add) to create a new menu view for Pages. I need an alternate menu layout for a specific Page item, without overriding all the other Single Page views on the site.

I've gone along the lines in the Joomla documentation by copying and renaming the XML file in /components/com_easysocial/views/pages/tmpl/item.xml to a unique name (marketplace.xml) and placing it in my template, and changed the contents to reflect the new view name. I've then copied across the PHP files from the wireframe/pages/item/ into my template under /html/com_easysocial/pages.

The new menu view appears and allows me to create the item, but when following the link the page I'm taken to is the default Pages view showing all pages on the site, rather than the Single Page view. I've tried putting the PHP files in a subfolder /marketplace/ to match the XML filename, and I've also tried renaming the files to have marketplace_ as a prefix (like you would do for core components with sub views). Neither has worked so I'm a little at a loss.

I'm really hoping this is something it's possible to do (I haven't had an issue doing similar for other components but ES does have a notably different template setup from what I'm used to with the added themes) - if not my alternative would be to use a custom class for the page and then just hide certain parts of the layout with CSS, but that would be messy and not really what I need.

Many thanks in advance

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