EasyBlog 5.3 Beta
We want to to start moderating our blog posts
We will have two groups, Author and Editor
Authors - They will be able to create blog posts but not publish
Editors - They can create and publish their own posts. We also want them to be the moderators for Authors Posts
I can see how to to set up the ACL rules for each group
We have 4 Categories of posts, let's call then Cat A, Cat B, Cat C and Cat D.
We have about 12 Authors and 4 Editors
What I can't find is how when a post is created by and Editor, how to Notify the Editors.
What I would really like is that each Editor has responsibility for one Category

  • Editor A has responsibility for Cat A
  • Editor B has responsibility for Cat B
    Editor C has responsibility for Cat C
    Editor D has responsibility for Cat D

This might not be possible, but How can I ensure that Editors are notified when a Post is awaiting moderation??

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