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Basic Module Styling?


I'm trying to display a module of type "menu" in position-7 on a Joomla! article. I would like it to have the same style as the one in the screenshot attached. I thought the same list style would be automatically applied to the menu module, but instead the menu links are white and the ul/li doesn't have the same style.

Problem: The style of the main menu in position-menu is being applied to the menu module in position-7.

To reproduce the problem, please create a module of type "menu," select the main menu, and assign it to position-7 on a Joomla! article view.

Is there a module class suffix (or other approach) I can use for a simple menu module in position-7, so that it has the same list style as the one in the screenshot (Please see screenshot attached)?

It appears that the template doesn't offer basic module styling (e.g., link color, background color).

Thank you

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