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PayPlan Integration with EasySocial

David Judah · ·
2:21 AM Tuesday, 12 November 2013
Hi there,

I am in the process of testing a registration app that PayPlans are working on, and according to them, are quite close to releasing. I think they are having problems getting their heads around the fact that EasySocial does not rely on Joomla's ACL as a user group which permissions can be attributed to. I guess it was the best way Stackideas decided to not use ACL as the main system but I can see how PayPlans are getting confused.

Is there a way one of you guys can contact them as I they are very slow to get back (48 hours at least). I think without talking to you they will not be able to release it :(

I am getting too comfortable with Stackideas's support! ;)
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