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Thanks for receivenig this email.

We are really concerned because we came up with the situation that our memberships have not been charged or paid since a couple of monthds ago or even more.
So we are loosing almost 2500 usd a month because of this eror in your APIS (payflow and paypal mehods).

We are simple not beaing able to concrete normal subscriptions, or they dont get the invoice paid, or they go to a mature statements or they just dont charge any more, even if the membershipos were working OK till nov17, dec 17 jan, 18 feb18, we started detecting this bug or failure.

Causing our membershipos NOT TO CHARGE and loose money every day and month.

Can you plse hekp us with a fuul support on pur:

- PayFlow (Instance)
- Paypal methods (Instance)

Wew are getting code errores on:

status: instead of ACTIVE they are going to MATURE (on paypal manager credir card)
they are not subscribing as yearley (thjey put twice a year or else)
and also 125 profiles or more (aprox) the have gone to mature and we have not been able to collect money from those susbscription.

all of this causing us a real income damage, to the point thjat if we do not have any support or answer from ypu we will need to migrate from your software as we are loosing money every day.

Plse let us know haow can we make a conferenmce call Telephone or by this tkt. but it is an urgent matter that you fix this BUGS from your payflow and paypal methods Instances.

Hope we hear back from you as soon as posisble

Jorge and Elena

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