Hello SIers

There have been countless threads about LMS systems in this forum.
Usually they got so long that they were closed at some point.

There are options out there such as Shika but many of us in here are very sceptical about it.
There is Guru which has a whole pile of problems beyond the scope of this thread.
Or you can hack things together with for eg a mix of Vimeo Plus and some edited ES files.
You can try and integrate Moodle which is kind of cool but also insanely complex.
No doubt there are others options but none seem quite right.

And then there is also OSCampus.
Honestly I personally know very little about OSCampus.
I am not saying that it is the Holy Grail.
But it looks like a relatively modern and simple component for the delivery of sets of videos with some quizzes.
And that is about all I for one would need.
Sure it would be cool if it were integrated with ES.
So for eg you could get from your profile to OSCampus and from OSCampus to your profile or profiles of others.
And all of this IMHO in a best case scenario in a Group.
Having some kind of control over this group so for example students could not just invite any one to join.
On the other hand you might want to be able to preview sections of the course in said Group!
I know from my own experience of training in a class room the more interaction the more magic!

@ Mark, please, please please find some time to make this happen soon be it OSCampus, YooDIY or similar.

I firmly believe that this is an area where Easy Social could really excel.

all the best


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