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An open question to the Easy Social community (not for StackIdeas Support). Hopefully, this is an acceptable use of the help forum...

  • What email solution have any of you found to work really well with Easy Social?
  • Are you using PHP Mail or SMTP?

My current understanding is that SMTP is the best approach. I have successfully configured that with my Joomla/ES setup and it works like a charm. I use Rackspace Email Exchange services.

My Challenge:

My email address gets used as spam and sends out hundreds of emails daily, with crazy subject lines, etc... and thus Rackspace has to shut down the email box when this happens. I am also consulting with my web host to see what else might be done to help address this issue.

Hoping to learn a bit more from others on this topic. Any insight you can share from your experiences will be helpful. Have you had this issue? Were you able to successfully resolve, and how?

Thanks in advance,

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