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OG Image associated with blog article

Steve Lomas · ·
4:19 AM Friday, 15 April 2022
We've noticed that when sharing the link to the easy blog article by text message, it pulls in an image of the author profile, and generic profile, and does not pull in the main image for the article. We've already tested the site and can confirm that this is only happening with easy blog articles, not other native Joomla articles on the website.

I've attached an image as evidence of what this looks like.

When using the Google dev inspect tool, I see a section added to the Easyblog articles in the head script that is not there with the native Joomla articles. Within this head script, we can see that the author image and author avatar are both being pulled in addition to the main article image. Is there a place in the Easyblog settings where this can be adjusted?

EasyBlog Article Link:
- Screenshot of Image pulling in on iMessage, iPhone
- Screenshot attached of head scripts from Google inspect tool
Native Joomla article link for comparison:
- Screenshot of Image pulling in on iMessage, iPhone
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