I have several websites that take an RSS feed from a master easyblog site and this arrangement has worked for years, after the .14 update this transfer lost the ability to transfer the images. Now all I get is the full text. I waited for the .15 update in the hope it was fixed but now I am reporting it as an issue.
It is easy for you to test, take a feed from here https://www.ncadd.org/blogs/in-the-news?format=feed&;type=rss
and see if you get the image using your feed importer.
NOTE! The feed works transfering the image if you use the "Get full text from feed" set to no.
I have traied a few chnages to the other import setting but no images get transfered.
I do not think you need access to the site if so that is difficult because the customer has strict security through personal keys.
Please see if you can fix, to test just set up the feed for full article and see what happens.

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