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First and foremost, i fell in love with the Office template and the more i work with it the more, i love it.. but i like you guys to consider some of the things i will list here concerning the template.

1. I will like the stack team to add more module positions to the template. This module position should be between the stream module and right side module, the advantage of this is to make the stream module look more professional and not just wide for nothing, please check my first and second attachment for more understanding.

2. The second one is little css changes, i dont know if this is from EasySocial or the template, when a single image is posted by user, its looks smaller on the stream module and leave lot of spaces on the right side which makes a website look immature.. this is one the reason why the stream module needs to be shorter not by making it shorter but by creating another module in-between the stream module and right side module, when a single picture is posted, it can at-least filled up the spaces that will be left and makes a website look professional.

3. And lastly, i dont know why the converse kit float on Office template when clicked, it should aligned to the right side of the template and not floating to the side of the template., check my last two attachment to see what i am talking about.
I will appreciate it if this redesign is made to this template and i am sure many of the template users will love it more.
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