A very useful tool, and one which would not be difficult to incorporate into your current system, would be a tool (capability) that allows a 'page' or 'event' to be 'claimed' by a new member.

For instance, we often create pages on our site which we would like, at a later date, to be claimed by the owners of the company or organization for which they were created. This would allow us to expand membership quickly (should the pages or events want to be claimed by their true owners. This would obviously require an email component. Perhaps the creator of the page or event could then invite an individual to claim the page?

The process steps would be as follows:

As a page/group/event can now be created for a user or company that is not currently registered as a member of the community, we would need to introduce a new step as follows:

1. Create the page on your site and it would be just a container without any activities.

2. On that particular page, there would be a button that says "Claim this page"

3. On that particular page, there would be another button that says "Invite Owner to Claim Page" - which is equivalent to inviting a non-member to join and claim their page.

4. Users who click on "Claim this page" button would then be able to claim the page when their account is approved.

5. Users who click on "Invite Owner to Claim Page" button trigger an email notification to "Suggested Owner" which includes the following information, for example:

- About Us
- Summery of Registration Process
- "Click here" to start registration process and 'claim page'

They would then be able to claim the page when their account is approved.

The advantage of the tool should be clear. It helps one build a membership base by providing an incentive to join, after all, a page has already been created for your organization on a community site. Why would they not want to manage it?

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