I have a few things that I am looking for in a template and I would love to use a StackIdeas template and not need a third party framework. Here are the items in my wish list

I would like to have sub-menu items pop up on mouseover.
I would like to easily put a search field in the same place on EVERY page of the site.
I would like to place a small uniform logo also on every page of the site.
I would like to have more positions available than I saw on some previous StackIdeas templates.

For example if you go to my site at https://www.drcarney.com and then roll your mouse over the Menu item Acts (Activities) you will see that the sub-menu items appear. Then if you roll over another sub-menu item like Public Speaking you see that the child items also appear in the menu.

On this site there is also a search field that I place at the top and the bottom of every page. There is also a logo on every page.

This site is now basically a pure StackIdeas software site. But, I have a 3rd party framework and template.

Sorry to be

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