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My Mouse over Icon on thumbnail broken

Paul Murray · ·
5:14 PM Monday, 28 October 2013
Hello Support

My Mouse over "Bruce Icon" does no work any more.

Please click on this link and mouse over a video thumbnail and notice the Yak that appears saying "Click to play video"


Then Click on this link and mouse over the Video Thumbnail. Notice there is no Yak.


I am using the advanced media manager from JCE. I remember Adelene did make some change somewhere at some point to the code. When I try and insert a mouse over thumbnail (In my case the video with a Yak superimposed) I can save but no save is saved if you know what i mean. I can not save a Thumbnail using the JCE Extended media manager in Easy Blog. This used to work!

I did an update to EasyBlog 3.9 from 3.8 so maybe I have over written something some where. I did an Akeba back up of the Site before the Easy Blog update so I should be able to fish out old files if necessary. Please advise.


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