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Hi everybody,

I just saw you are working on Payplans and it is really looking nice. The subscription-flow is a mess in the moment and I like it a lot you are improving this important thing.

I like to add a flaw that is in the system since the begining. It is not the most urgent one, but I think it makes a lot of sense to face it in a long-term-planing.

The task sounds easy: Different subscriptions for the same Plan!
And I am sure, from the architecture it is a really challenging thread.

But let me explain why I think this is so very important.
Imagine you offer a Gold-Membership. Every Gold-Member gets some more stuff then the others. The Gold-Member is charged with 10 Dollars a month. This is one subscription with recurring payment.

Unfortunately, recurring payments on paypal only work when a Credit-Card is present in the paypal-account. This is a huge problem in germany, so it would be nice to offer also a one-time-payment for the same membership: 120 Dollars for a complete year. Without recurring payments.

This list can be made very long. A cheaper price for every recurring membership. A higher price for a shorter period. Going on and on. Every variation would need to be created as a new membership and all ACL-Settings need to be adjusted for every single membership.

It would be a big step forward if the membership itself would be "just one membership" and then, for example in a drop-down, the kind of payment could be choosen.

Instead of having three Gold-Memberships with different plans it would be just one Gold-Membership but in the payment there is the option "Monthly recurring payment", "Yearly recurring payment" and "One-time-payment for a year", which all is the same membership, just with different payment-options.

Do you understand what I mean?

All the best, Julian!

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