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Multiple audio in the blog

Oleg Kharol · ·
2:13 AM Sunday, 10 November 2013
At addition in the audio blog - everything comes from media of the manager normally. In this case in the text panel we see: [embed=audio] { "file": "/bon.mp3", "place": "user:811" } [/embed]

If we add in a material for time of some audio of files, in the text panel we see approximately the following:
[embed=audio] { "file": "/chuck_berry_-_you_can_never_tell_zaycev.net.mp3", "place": "user:811" } [/embed] [embed=audio] { "file": "/cheb-khaled---cest-la-vie.mp3", "place": "user:811" } [/embed] [embed=audio] { "file": "/adriano_celentano_-_confessa_zaycev.net.mp3", "place": "user:811" } [/embed] [embed=audio] { "file": "/20131106-121835.mp3", "place": "user:811" } [/embed]

In this case EasyBlog gives out a mistake at display of all blogs: Notice: Undefined property: stdClass: : $place in/home/d/directo5/dnevnik/public_html/components/com_easyblog/helpers/audio.php on line 62 Notice: Undefined offset: 1 in/home/d/directo5/dnevnik/public_html/components/com_easyblog/helpers/audio.php on line 71

To edit these tags in the field of the text. Each tag on a separate line:

[embed=audio] { "file": "/chuck_berry_-_you_can_never_tell_zaycev.net.mp3", "place": "user:811" } [/embed]
[embed=audio] { "file": "/cheb-khaled---cest-la-vie.mp3", "place": "user:811" } [/embed]
[embed=audio] { "file": "/adriano_celentano_-_confessa_zaycev.net.mp3", "place": "user:811" } [/embed]
[embed=audio] { "file": "/20131106-121835.mp3", "place": "user:811" } [/embed]

Everything is in that case good.

How to make that automatically new EMBED rose on a new line at addition of Multiple audio?
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