Hi SI Users

In all fairness “jan!” needs to get the credit for this as he mentioned it about a week ago.
It is very likely that "Eileen" mentioned this as well at some point but frankly I can not remember.

I have a test “Moodle” set up here:
And have different accounts set up, manager, teacher, student etc.
Also two test courses with video content linked from Vimeo.

I am struggling with integration of Moodle with Joomdle:
There is detailed documentation but there are about 15 things that you can do wrong.
Some how I find it easier to follow this not so official documentation here:
I still have not figured out which of the 15 things I messed up.
But I will figure it out sooner rather than later.

First impressions are that Moodle is:

+ Insanely powerful.
+ Has a whole universe of plugins etc to expand/customise it etc
+ Moodle itself is FREE and reasonably easy to install.

- Clunky & Involves a lot of scrolling and sub menus.
- Getting Moodle & Joomdel talking with each other is a pain in the rear end!
- Incredibly complex and overwhelming at first.

Here for eg is a guide to installing Moodle for Joomla 2.5:
Installing Moodle 2.5 on a remote web site

State of play:

I am kind of thinking that I will have this integrated within weeks rather than months.
And am happy to share my experience if any one is interested.
Also I am also happy in hearing from other peoples experience with Moddle/Joomldle and ES?

all the best


Here are some further interesting links that I have found:

EduStylist - Moodle Course Formats - Comparison of various course format types

What’s wrong with Moodle course formats?

Gamify your Moodle courses in under 20 minutes

PS I am putting this in the "General" category in the hope that any one can read this regardless of plan!

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