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Modify display of profile

Abi · ·
5:33 AM Wednesday, 24 April 2019

I have three profile types : Candidate, Delegate and Champion. I’m trying to modify root/templates/charm/html/com_easysocial/helpers/cover/user.php so that a related badge would be displayed showing the profile.

1_1.png for Candidate (profile ID 1)
1_2.png for Delegate (profile ID 7)
1_3.png for Champion (profile ID 10)

The following code is failing and 1_2.png is displayed for all three profiles instead of for only delegate . Can you help me to get the right code?

<?php echo $this->render('module', 'es-profile-after-name'); ?>
<div class="es-profile-header__meta">
<?php if ($this->config->get('users.layout.profiletitle')) { ?>
<a href="<?php echo $user->getProfile()->getPermalink();?>" >
<i class="fa fa-shield-alt"></i> <?php echo $user->getProfile()->get('title');?>

<?php $myprofile=$user->getProfile()->get('title'); ?>
if ($myprofile="Delegate";) {
echo '<span><center><img src="images/rank/1_2.png"; /></center></span>';
echo $myprofile;

<?php } ?>

<?php if ($this->config->get('users.layout.lastonline')) { ?>
<?php if ($user->getLastVisitDate() == '0000-00-00 00:00:00') { ?>
<?php } elseif (!$user->isOnline()) { ?>
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