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MetaMan causes issue with mobile menu


Our website uses the bootstrap framework and jQuery. After activating MetaMan however, we noticed that the mobile menu (hamburger symbol) doesn't work properly. It reacts only on the second mouseclick and behaves irregularily afterwards when using the jQuery's toggle function.
We managed to pin down the cause of this in the onAfterInitialise-Function in the PlgSystemMetaman-Class. On line 62, following code is executed:

// Ensure that jQuery is enabled on the site
if (MM::requirejQuery()) {
$this->doc->addScript($this->baseurl . '/plugins/system/metaman/assets/scripts/jquery-3.1.0.min.js');
} else {

As we understand, this checks if a current version of jQuery is used. If the jQuery version is 1 or 2 (checked in requirejQuery), it adds the jQuery-3-Script. Otherwise, it includes the bootstrap framework.
This causes a conflict, as bootstrap is already used on our side, which seems to cause the toggle-function of jQuery to be bound twice to the menu button, which leads to the strange behavior.
This can be simply tested by commenting out the
line. In doing so, the mobile menu behaves normally.

The only solution we found was to either edit the plugin (which we want to avoid), make an override for our own jQuery-library (which may cause unwanted side-effects) or use a custom toggle-script (which seems to be unneeded effort).

Do you have any better idea how to fix this?

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