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I have just spent a couple hours trying to figure out why some of my pages are giving 404 errors. I believe it is from updating EasyBlog but I am not positive since I just noticed the problems now.

In order to try to fix this I did try moving my blogs into different categories and then modifying the menus but it did not help.

I do use KeyCDN and I guess I can give you my credentials for that in case it gets in your way.

The web pages that are giving error are links on the following page:


The pages that are giving the 404 errors are:









I also have aliases to display these same pages from the Acts menu (Video Presentations and the Shop menu (Dr. Carney Videos)

They are all pointing to the same seven broken pages listed above.

I am hoping you can help me to know what might have done this.

Thank you very much,

Sean Carney
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