Are you going to be adding either more subscription apps other than emerald 9 or hopefully adding this feature to easy social in the near future? The reason i am asking is i currently use emerald 9 it has never been upgraded to bootstrap 3 nor has emerald 10 therefore it will only work with bootstrap 2 templates. Now with joomla 3.7 out it kinda still works but only with php 7.013 and below. No telling what will happen with joomla 3.8+ Than there is the upcoming issue with joomla 4.0 with will be bootstrap 4 They still have not even updated emerald 10 to bootstrap 3 at this point as promised. My site is a membership site with separate ACL permissions for for each membership Group. I only changed over to easy social from Jomsocial because emerald could not support the integration with it as it did with easy social. I will not have to redo the entire site again when joomla 4 comes out i will be forced to either go back to Jomsocial or give up on Joomla entirely and switch to WordPress i have been with joomla since joomla 1.5 and have yet been able to finish my project due to the consent CMS updates changes framework changes by template provides and the fact that component developers base their components to work with the Prostar template or their own template and framework which works fine with their component and conflicts with everything else. Over the years i have spent over $3500 on templates trying to over come this insanity and now i can't even get my membership process with is key to my site to work.

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