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Good day,
My PayPlans is working perfectly thanks to you all. Now, I would like to do something and I hope it can be done. On our site,, anyone can view the various subscriptions that we have by going to the "Memberships" menu item or by selecting the "Register" trigger from our JomSocial homepage. Both of these work perfectly and exactly as we would want. However, we have one membership that is the last one on the page, "SSHAGETTE". This is a membership subscription that we would like to stay at the bottom of this page, but, when a person selects the RED "FREE" trigger at the top center of the following page,, we would then like this subscription or membership plan to be at the top of the page.
I can think of 3 ways to do this.
1: I could go into the PayPlans admin and move this membership to the top of the display list so it's first. I don't want this as I don't want it first when others view it.
2: I could add the code that I have seen other use that enables a section of a long page to appear at the top of a page when a trigger or hyperlinked text is chosen. This would work, but I don't know that code or where to put that code if I knew it. LOL
3. While 2 would work, I like this concept. I would like to have 2 membership pages. The first one would be the one that already exist with all the memberships or subscriptions on it that are currently on it, minus the SSHAGETTE membership. The second "Membership" page would work just like the existing one, but the only memberships that would be listed on this page would be the ones that I indicate to be listed on that second membership page.

I don't know which of these would work best even if I like the 3rd one. I was hoping you could tell me what is the best way to do this and how to do it. So you know, all I am trying to do is keep the partner or affiliate type memberships separated from the regular memberships. If any of this is possible, I would greatly appreciate the help in doing it.


David Martin

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