EasyBlog 5.2 RC
Probably a bug rather than a feature request, but move this post if necessary!

I'm looking at member listings on my site and also at http://easysocial.stackideas.com/users

If you click 'Browse by Profile' types then...

ISSUE 1: The resulting screen loses the ability to filter by Name / Last Registered / Last Logged in
ISSUE 2: After Browse by Profile Type if you then go back to "All Users" or "All with Photos" then it shows in User ID order despite the sort filter reappearing at that point and indicating another order.
ISSUE 3: Again After Browse by Profile Type if you go back to "All Users" or "All with Photos" and use the sort filter then the URL created goes a bit crazy including a COM_ statement in upper case which looks a bit much if it can be avoided. For example.. http://easysocial.stackideas.com/people/COM_EASYSOCIAL_ROUTER_USERS_FILTER_USERS/lastlogin

Thanks if you investigate / fix?!

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