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Hello. I can't use on site "Enable Automated Archiving" because nobody will see story posts.

So I'm ingesting, will my site works faster if to unpublished some stream items with SQL query? For example I can unpublish some core items about friendship, following, user joined cluster, user joined site...

At the moment:
e2gr3_social_stream = 154 463+
e2gr3_social_stream_item = 218 164+

Community page loads very slow

In e2gr3_social_stream_item I should set state = 0 (instead 1) if verb = leave (leave cluster I mean), = follow, = join, = register, = add (friend)

Similar should be done for e2gr3_social_stream?

Also in backend I can unpublish few "User Points" and it will prevent creating new stream items in future (but will not hide existed)?

But will it make site faster?

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