EasySocial 3.0 Preview

We are creating actually some local groups based on locations and tryning to invite members from those locations, here how we procceed :

1. Create the group
2. Use the search tool and search per location (Spain for example)
3. Open the group and do a copy-paste of every member name in the invite popup.

Same thing for jobs and other interests, we 'll create groups and send invite to increase inteaction and connect people.

It will be great if we have a tool in ES to invte members to specifc groups based on search results (location, software ..).
Maybe a an advanced invite function in groups, instead of typing users names we do a search and invite members in search results to the current group !

I sent invites to 100 persons to a new group and it taked around 15mn!
if we can send all with on click thats magic :)

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