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For years I have been a customer of Stackideas and have tried in vain to implement my vision of websites. Ultimately, I came to the conclusion that my vision simply does not coincide with that of the developers here. But before I finally give up, I would like to point out my motivations, in the hope that maybe this vision will be taken up.

If you're reading this and you're a customer, you're probably running EasySocial and wondering what to talk to your visitors in the stream or why your visitors are not participating in the stream. The answer is simple, a public social network on a topic-specified website can not work. So the goal should be to bring the topics back to the theme of the website. I want to explain how this works.

I'm going to focus on EasySocial because it's the only component that I think can become a must-have and not just an add-on.

I think that EasyCocial's biggest problem is not dynamically adapting to the content. It's a static component that works completely independently of the content. This must necessarily be changed so that you can finally work more creatively. Only a merger of Easysocial, Joomla and the content of each page will be successful. How this can work quite easily, I would like to show once.

We have several areas within EasySocial. The main stream on the start page of the component, which shows all posts within the stream. Thanks to the stream module you can also show it on all other subpages of the page. With the help of the Stream anywhere module you can also display page-specific streams.

Right here we have to start. We want the user to call, read and interact with the content. At the same time, other visitors should also be able to see this interaction and assign it to the specific content.

For example, EasySocial should automatically read categories from Joomla and other components such as EasyBlog and Jreviews, and then create filters for the stream. These filters should be selectable in the main stream and filter the entries accordingly. Not by Just Friends, but selectable by checkbox to create your own stream as a visitor, based on your own interests in the entire content of the site.

When creating an entry in the mainstream, these categories and the articles contained therein, content or whatever should be selectable to post by means of Anyhwere_ID his post on the page in the right area.

Example. Movie ratings page.

You run a movie database with JReviews and want to use EasySocial. On your subpages with Jreviews you can either use the normal stream module or the stream anywhere module. With the usual stream module, someone writes something on the subpage and no one can understand which movie this post is now targeting in the stream.
This is possible with the stream anywhere module, but the main stream of the main stream must necessarily be on a subpage to make this link. In the main stream, no post can be submitted to a specific movie without first calling the subpage of the movie. You will hardly be able to motivate the visitor to do this every time. Similarly, a visitor sees entries in the stream of areas that may not interest him. If he is not a comedy fan, he nevertheless sees all entries from the category.

With my proposal, this would not be a problem. Likewise, a visitor on such a site could create their own stream filter according to their favorite movie genre. For example, on such a page we would have action, comedy, sci-fi, etc. So the user could filter for action and science-fiction and his personal stream on the main page would show all entries from those same areas. New entries would be made film-specific and directly mapped perfectly.

Why the whole thing ?! At the moment the visitor is constantly forced to call the main page of EasySocial, which brings him away from the content again and again. Basically, it operates on two sides. Once the Joomla site with the content and once the social network. But my solution would give the visitor the choice how and when to use something. It would be a freedom where the user decides. If he just wants to use the content, he can still participate in the social network. Likewise, in the stream, the users of the social network are nudged directly to the content, without the need to share links within a page.

The vision in simple words:

Your members are on the road, sitting in the bus and calling your page mobile. At first glance, they see a personal stream thanks to the previously created personal filters and can directly see everything new to their subjects. You can join topics within seconds, because they act within the stream. After all, it's a gigantic chat that uses all the content on your site. Thanks to the previous range selection when creating a stream entry, it is no problem to find the right category for your post. At the moment you have to visit the subpage to post correctly. A nightmare when traveling with a smartphone.

In short, an elegant mix of Reddit and Discord with content.
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