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I was told today that to have the layout my client wants, that is Layout 1 of the Magazine I must accept that even though I limited the category to ONE choice, the headings and the URL are randomly changed and that is just how this "works" (being a strong word as it really is not "working" at all).

To resolve this I must change the menu type to Single Category that has NO top image like Layout 1 of the Magazine in order to have the navigation AND the heading maintained.

I find it impossible to believe I am the only person with this issue. I'm hoping that in posting this to others that there is a better solution than what was recommended by EasyBlog.

HELP, my client is super unhappy now and I have no solutions to offer. Good URL and maintain Heading with no large image at the top or Large image at the top and random URLs and headings that are not the right category.

So not a win-win. My client and I both love this tool so there has to be a better solution than what I was offered today.

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