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Sorry to come back to you about it.
But I wanted to inform other users that if they want the URL pointing to the list of all Groups, sort the Groups by popularity (rather than sort by latest items). There is a simple solution. Rather modify file.

For starters, in the Joomla menu manager. Create (or already have) a menu of type: (Groups) All Groups Layout
Then go to the database (via phpMyAdmin usually), then the table _menu.
Go to the line that corresponds to the Groups menu.
In the link column.
Add : &ordering=popular

Here is the final form of the link : index.php?option=com_easysocial&view=groups&filter=all&ordering=popular

To create a menu that only displays the Groups of a specific category, just create (or have already) a menu of type: (Groups) All Groups Layout.
Then in phpMyAdmin, table _menu.
Go to the line that corresponds to the menu just created.
In the link column.
Add : &ordering=popular&categoryid=1:categoryname
Replace the number and name of the corresponding category.

Here is the final form of the link : index.php?option=com_easysocial&view=groups&filter=all&ordering=popular&categoryid=1:categoryname

To find the origin of these links is simply to disable the Joomla URL rewriting (Search Engine Friendly URLs).
This makes it possible to display the raw links.

For Pages and Events, the approach is similar.


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