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Komento-Plugin like CComment does offer one

Volker · ·
8:20 PM Tuesday, 21 September 2021

I would like to know why Stackideas doesn't offer a KOMENTO comment plugin for one of the best Joomla gallery components - JoomGallery - like the developers of the competitor product CCOMENT do:

EasySocial unfortunately still does not have a global photo gallery component that allows community members to upload photos not only in their user albums, but also in global albums that affect the whole community. I'll go into this topic separately in another thread.

Even if you have licensed EasySocial, EasyBlog and Komento, you cannot run a photo community with global photo albums/photo categories and therefore as a StackIdeas customer you are forced to look around for powerful gallery components for Joomla. One of the best photo gallery components for Joomla is undoubtedly JoomGallery!

It would be desirable if Stackideas would provide a JoomGallery plugin for Komento as well as Compojoom does for ccomments.

Thanks and best regards
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