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Hello Friends, and sorry for this long title :p

Imagine that my site is available in FRENCH and ENGLISH. I would like that my homepage display Joomla Articles. Each article is writted in english, then, I duplicate it for write it in french too.

Now, imagine that a user speack french, and read an article "nouveautés de yann anderson" (news from yann anderson if I translate for you in english). Now, imagine this user post a comment "bonjour yann" (hello yann). So, this comment "bonjour yann" will be ONLY AVAILABLE in the french version of the article.

WHAT I WOULD LIKE TO DO: if another user speack english, and he read the same article "news from yann anderson" , but writted in english, I would like this english user can see the french comment "bonjour yann" posted by the french user..........

Possible to do that ? Or no ?
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