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I have a strange problem with attaching files in Komento :

- I set " Maximum File Size Per File" to 10 MG and
- Allowed Extensions : mp3,csv,doc,gif,jpg,jpeg,pdf,png,ppt,pptx,rar,txt,xls,zip,docx,xls,xlsx,wma,3gp,3ga,wav,mp4

1) When a user attaches his mp3 file (even lower than 10mg), there is no ajax error but after submit, file is disappeared and just comment left. ( but image or ZIP files have no problem)

2) If switched to PHP 5.6, now mp3/mp4/rar/... added but should be lower than 1mg! else the result is as same as above.

Limit of PHP is 80 mg and Joomla is 15mg in media manager.

How can I trace the reason of this problem?
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