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I am using a JoomlaShine JSNPageMaker Template and its driving me cooky
Their demo shows nicely styled modules for categories and tags
But I can't get them to tell me where to find these and they are not in modules as a usual easy blog module for tags and categories
One of them went into the site to help and set up a Joomla articles categories module where I need the easyblog categories

here is the post I left but they seem still not to understand -maybe you folks can help or help me use the language they will understand?

please see screen shot of the blog page of the demo. Notice the right blocks I have labeled 1, 2 and 3 here:


#1. is not Joomla article categories
it is a easy blog module y that you guys styled with/for the template that shows and links to easyblog categories
i want this like it is here on my site which does not have 1
#2. what I label #2 is an easyblog tag cloud styled as it is shown for the template
i want this on my site which does not have #2 and there is no easyblog tagcloud module under modules

#3. Is the block for subscriptions, On the demo it is set up with form to take subscriptions
I have as you will see in the next screen shot.. a block with the photo but no clear way to make itr a functional subscription box

here is a screenshot of my page


1. the module you created for me of joomla articles. This should be an easy blog category module and its styling should look like #1 on the demo screenshot
2. There is no blog cloud
3. There is a picture for the subscription form background but I don't know where this is to set it up as a subscription box. This is probably something I don't yet get about using JSN Pagemaker

this is the live url of the live page

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