if you have a multilanague site and set up a smart search Finder system with different languages search module, then if you have for example set up an event in English but do the search in another language you get search results with that event created in english but with non existent link to that none english event content ie in the other language you instead got an 404 Page not found error.


Search english

Get correct event link after some search results in this case you have to login to see the event:

Another language search

You get a link after some search results in this case you not come to the login to see the event instead you got an "404
Page not found" :

So if you are in the site in another languages like spanish and do a search you got english result pages like for an event done created in only English and then that result when clicking on it you get this "404 Page not found" bcs that EasySocial event is not created in Spanish langauge, only English b u t it shows up in the Smart spanish search finder pages but when clicking on it you got this error page..

Any tips what to do to exlude this ES search result and correlate it to show up on only pages that is created with correct language urls?? In this case it should only show up on the english search for that english even bcs its not translated created in spanish

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