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I recently updated my website's (http://www.simracinghub.com) forum to version 4.1.1 and now threads that I display under "EasyDiscuss » Categories Layout » Single Category Layout" type of menu item doesn't load content. For example:

There are two ways to get to one topic:


1. Hover over the "RFACTOR 2" link on the top menu and then click on "Tracks"
2. Click on any of the topics, say for example "Circuit Paul Ricard"
3. You see a message saying "There is no discussion found."


1. Click on "FORUM" link on the top menu
2. Scroll a little bit until you see the topic "Circuit Paul Ricard". Click on that.
3. This time content is displayed for the topic.

If you notice the url's on both methods, they are different. Before updating to version 4.1.1 this was working fine using both methods A and B, now it seems only B works.

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