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Integration of EasyDiscuss into JReview

Andre · ·
7:05 PM Monday, 31 August 2020
Hello Support,

I want to use JReview as a software directory. I would like to link a discussion to an entry, if possible as a module.
JReview has the function of writing reviews, which are "similar" to a discussion.

a.) Integration example:
The user creates a new entry in the software directory.
In the field "discuss" there is a button to create a new discussion in the appropriate category.
The created discussion is updated in the field "discuss" and can only be changed by moderators.
Once the directory entry has been generated and released, users may discuss the software here.

b.) As an alternative, is there a way to convert the JReview product reviews into a EasyDiscuss discussion automatically?

c.) or another alternative, is it possible to convert an JRewiew entry into a EasyDiscuss "custom field" ? Thus, the JReview would be included into ED.

Just brainstorming, how to integrate the two products.

Cheers, Andre
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