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I'm working a new development of website in joomla 4 : devj4.jacquesgauthier.com

1) Like my last ticket, I did use easyblog in joomla 4 inside
a Yootheme pro template but is it possible
to have a kind of shortcode to install it in a code or html element.

2) I need to keep my header
devj4.jacquesgauthier.com like the other pages exactly like the actual site http://www.jacquesgauthier.com
I did create a second template of yootheme to install a special header for the easyblog

It's great to also have an easyblog element for Yootheme but I will probably use it for another
special page...

3) Also I cannot see the keywords in my development site devj4.jacquesgauthier.com

4) Is it possible to put manually the number of reader inside the database because
my client want to keep the number of the actual site!!!

Thanks for your great support. You did solve my last request!!! Thank you so much.

I'm the webmaster of Jacques Gauthier (André Martimbeault)
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