I face the problem with 45% installation freeze.
All the requirements form the starting point of the installation are met.
No errors in browser console or php error_log (I enabled development mod).
I also find that this is kind of known issue and when I follow the steps described in the 'Common Installation Issues' it works fine. But this is not an option for us in our production environment.
The version I am using is 5.1.8. Unfortunately I can't give you access to the machine because of a company policy.
What I observe is that this issue happens only in PHP < 5.6, so my PHP is 5.4 and I have the 45% freeze when I tested it with latest PHP 7.1.* there was not issue.
The strange is that the log is empty and there is no error.
Do you have fix for this issue or do you have more details for it?
It's a problem only on fresh install, on upgrade there is no issue.

Georgi Velinov

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