UPDATES PayPlans 4.2.11 Released


Komento 4.0 RC 1

Fatal errors in EasyDiscuss after updating Yootheme


EasySocial video upload - filesize exceeds 8M

Easier way to customize EasyBlog email notifications

trying to figure how to show the padlock for Login position top

posts publish and quit not quiting

Migrate a blog from WP to J!4

Improve more statistics for ES members, marketplace, groups etc

Profile Types Selector in EasySocial Native App

Toolbar doesn’t show notification

Guest mode

Video like tiktok app

Cannot change the catagorie of an event or group

Permalink and other languages

Adding More birthday years and Gender choices (again)

ES : add reasons (why) to user account deletion

Menu doesn’t work when use

Redirection after login for user without subscritpion.

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