RELEASE EasyDiscuss 5 Beta Released - Massive UI improvements and a whole lot more 🌍 🚀


EasyDiscuss 5.0.0 Beta 2

EasyDiscuss Feedback Needed

PayPlans 4.2.0 RC


Delete user after xx time if not logged in?

PHP to add a known User ID to a known Group ID

New updated APIs for ES social integration type Facebook?

Giphy not working

Module 'EasySocial Groups' shows the group while the user belongs...

Disable the ability to edit user profiles by users

Add ability to Titan for replacing reaction icons (SVG)

EasyDiscuss & EasySocial | Points & Badges

Links not really visible in dark mode

Creating anouncement for „normal users“

Pin a posting?

Adding points and achievements next to comment author

Autopost replacement bug

How to change the advanced search default to "Pages"

Thank you for your great support!

Proof of Terms of Service Agreement?

Statistics module not visible

Conversation Invitations - Opt IN, not Auto-Add

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Rest assured that we will get back to your issues as soon as the day starts tomorrow!

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