Komento 3.1.2, EasyBlog 5.2.7 and EasyArticles 1.1.3 Released

The standard YouTube link produces a video title link on the top left the video. Some users might click that rather than the play button and return back to YouTube - defeating the purpose of the embed.

If you append "showinfo=0" to the embed the title goes away. So going from the current link:




does the trick. I managed to do this by adding this Javascript to my EasySocial pages:

var hideLinkHeader = '&showinfo=0';

//Loop through every iframe in .frame-wrap
jQuery.each(jQuery('.video-container').find('iframe'), function(index, i)
//set url equal to this iteration's iframe's src
var url = jQuery(i).attr('src');

//set this iteration's iframe's src equal to url plus the hideLinkHeader global variable
jQuery(i).attr('src', url + hideLinkHeader);


And this works. However, is there a way to append this via PHP so that the output is modified directly rather than with Javascript. I could not find where the embed links are generated within EasySocial.


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