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Actually this issue is not belongs to you. Since I couldn't get proper solution from Techjoomla, I am writing this to you to get help on the following issue. (This issue is based on SocialAds)

Menu Path is: Ads(from top menu) > Active Ads > View Details

Issue is : While mouse over SocialAds View, the Titles, Icons and Numbers shown in the images are hiding.(screen shot_1 & screen shot_2)

Also I tried this same component in different Template, It works perfectly. Only with "Elegant" template I found this issue.

Regarding this I made a complaint with Techjoomla. They provided me the following css code to add. I added it too. But you know after adding the css code, This problem is solved. At the same time it changes huge alignment different in my whole website. You can also check by adding them.(See the screen shot_3 & screen shot_4 )

.sa-wrapper .hasPopover, .hasTooltip, a {
display: block !important;

Because of these sort of conflict, I am requesting your help to solve this issue. If you can please kindly solve this issue.

Thank you.
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