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Hello. I created simple "videos.badge" file with standart EasySocail commands: video.upload, video.like & video.comment.add (with friqency: 3) for test. File attached.
It was cucessfully installed to backend (on test / non live site).

I tried to add linked videos in stream - it doesn't work.
I tried to like videos in stream and in video single page - it doesn't work.
I tried to comment videos in stream and in video single page - it doesn't work.
I didn't get any badge.

My goal is to get badge by "Achieve Type: By Frequency" (3 times, for example = add 3 videos to get badge) and not by Points.

What I'm doing wrong?:(

"title" : "Video Uploader",
"alias" : "video-uploader",
"description" : "You are the best in video uploading",
"howto" : "Add 3 videos",
"command" : "video.upload",
"extension" : "com_easysocial",
"avatar" : "media/com_easysocial/badges/photogenic.png",
"frequency" : 3
"title" : "Video Liker",
"alias" : "video-liker",
"description" : "You are the best in video liking",
"howto" : "React to 3 videos",
"command" : "video.like",
"extension" : "com_easysocial",
"avatar" : "media/com_easysocial/badges/journalist.png",
"frequency" : 3
"title" : "Video Commentator",
"alias" : "video-commentator",
"description" : "You are the best in video commenting",
"howto" : "Comment 3 videos",
"command" : "video.comment.add",
"extension" : "com_easysocial",
"avatar" : "media/com_easysocial/badges/photo-tagger.png",
"frequency" : 3


Updated: I also try to edit file: /www/****.ru/components/com_easysocial/controllers/videos.php
and add code:
// Assign badge for the person that...
ES::badges()->log('com_easysocial', 'video.upload', $this->my->id, 'Some text');

or this:
Foundry::badges()->log( 'com_easysocial' , 'video.upload' , $userId , JText::_( 'Some text.' ) );

but may be I chosed wrong place to put it?

Can you please give me a hint?

PS: I'm suprised that this badges not included to default list :)

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