RELEASE EasyDiscuss 5 Beta Released - Massive UI improvements and a whole lot more 🌍 🚀


Hi @Mark and Entire Awesome Stackideas Team Kudos To New Easysocial mobile App.

Finally One of the Best Joomla Developers Team started building something that is essential for Community Owners Nowadays for better User engagement.

I would like Share my 2 cents regarding my experience with stackideas Product and New Mobile App, How It could be a Universal Joomla App that works with Any Joomla Extension and could be a Most Profitable Unicorn Product for the stackideas Team.


I Bought the Easysocial Professional back in 2017. Sadly At that time there was no Mobile app. During initial brainstorming i quickly realised that. If i have to become successful. I need a mobile app for my projects for quick and long term users acquisition. So instead of using easysocial i used a third party solution that is not kinda Very rich in functionality and robust as compared to stackideas products. Only advantage of the solution has both ios and android apps.
I launched the 8 niche communities with this third party solution even though I ended up paying more as compared to stackideas solutions. But Sometime Time is More Expensive than Money.

Most niche communities were not so successful but my 3 projects are flourishing and now i have a total 200K+ user base, which is increasing at an exponential rate now :) It was possible due to mobile apps and users becoming habbitful to use apps.

But I would be more happy if I could use most robust stackideas Products. Do I have any regrets for paid for easysocial and not even use for single domain for a single time? The answer is No. I consider this to be my Token of love toward the awesome stackideas team and their products that I'm in totally love :) Because i know how good they are.

From Past Couple of months since the launch of the mobile apps I am very excited to start my new niche projects with stackideas products because mobile apps are coming.

How It could be a Universal Joomla App:

Third Party solution I am using right now also has a Blog, Forum, marketplace and Social network web Modules similar like stackideas. Mobile apps only Support Social Network Web module natively on apps like current ES mobile apps. But Instead of Supporting the rest of modules ( Blog, Forum, marketplace ) Natively within apps. They are using a hybrid approach to Provide Fully Functional mobile app rather than just natively support the Social Network module.

For Blog, Forum, marketplace Module there is a Sidebar menu. When a user clicks on the blog menu link its opens the website blog URL inside the app in-built browser and the user automatically logged in using the login credentials provided by the app without manually filling again inside the app in-built browser. And go back to the natively supported social module with the bottom button. That makes their app a complete solution without compromising the web functionality. Meanwhile they are developing natively support for Blog, Forum, marketplace.
Stackideas team can use the same hybrid strategy to support their Easy blog, Easy Discuss and any other joomla component without extensively developing everything natively. Only thing needed to Figure out is - How to Pass the Login Credential from native app to Browser, so that user don’t Fill up username and password again inside the app in-bulit browser, then rest of things will be handle via mobile responsive design of the website.
Here is a screen shot for better understanding :)

To be Honest when I read about ConverseKit 2.0 & ConverseKit Desktop apps I am little bit disappointed. If its took a short amount of time to develop this product then it is great. But how stackideas team put effort and hard work into a totally brand new product. Even Their Popular Easydiscuss Component still does not support “insert the image from local pc” to Forum post. only way is embed through a third party url or attach the images. End User Always looking for ease (Big Companies Spoiled Them with better UI)

Even Forum Script by a single Developer from codecanyon comes with insert image into post body via local pc. Please correct me if there is some setting at backend of easydiscuss :) May be potential customer base that is looking to add desktop chat functionality (In Today Mobile Phone Era) to their communities is also small. But I hope there will be tons of sale of this product.

Right Now Community Owners are Facing Severe Competition from Facebook groups. if Person seriously works on his facebook group he can easily accumulate 20K+ user in a year. Even though he can’t monetize the group but easily influence the some % of the group audience to use some of his service or buy his products to sustain his living. It is all because of ease of handheld devices with better engagement with facebook mobile apps. And I believe None of the Serious Community Owner has whole life to Wait for fully working mobile app that work with every component he/she using for his/her joomla website.

Rather than addressing a small audience, i believe stack ideas team should focus on a bigger customer base. For example Easyblog has total monopoly as a blogging component. Same thing could happen with mobile app as joomla community is crawling for one working universal mobile app that work with any component. It would be a total nightmare for stackideas team to support every joomla component natively. Hybrid in app browser approach would be a more universal and practical method.

SI Team can Launch lightweight Version of mobile app without ES module as separate product or can make it compulsion for user to use ES if he/she want to use SI mobile app.
Just imagine out of 10,000+ Jreviews customers base if Just 3% Customers buy the SI mobile App how much revenue this simple thing can bring on SI table. And then calculate it for other joomla components like Sellacious, Hikashop etc. It could be a Gold Nugget For SI Team :)

This is My 2 Cents, Hope SI Team will Develop Something that more Universal for Entire Global Joomla Community.

Looking Forward To Hear from You @Mark :)

Please, Other Members of SI Community also Share Your Thoughts and Vote if You Like an idea :)

Love From French Canadian SI Fan

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