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Help with plan setup


Need help in how I would set up a plan for this issue.

I have a site with Joomla articles users need to register to leave a comment.
the site has easysocial users need to register
Now I have installed OScampus by to create online courses that I want to have members subscribe to with PayPlans to get access to those courses.

The issue is I can't figure out how to set up PayPlans to let users register and use the site as normal then limit the Lessons to users with a subscription.

The way OScampus works is you need to set the lesson to the public so people/user can see the lessons but then set the actual lesson content to register. So users would have to register to do the courses, which was ok because I could just charge a subscription for every member just to register.

Now I want to add EasySocial and users need to register but now i cant just charge every user just to register.

I need to set the lesson content a level higher the registered and charge users to access that level.
How do I do that?

Ps could you make an App for OScampus? So we can charge per lesson? Currently, Oscampus does NOT have a payment option for charging users to access a course. Really painful not having that.

Thanks Adam

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