EasyBlog 5.2 Progress Updates Part 2
Hi SI Team & SI Users

Having bought the Easy Discuss Group App.
Which I love by the way.
It just seems odd to me that when I activate it it does not turn up under the Group cover photo.
On my site for example I have 3 pages in my Groups:

Discussions (standard none full ED discussions)

All of which turn up:

a) Under both the Cover Photo
b) Drop down applications menu
c) In the applications filter (Mobile Template)

When I add the Easy Discuss Discussion App:

It only turns up:

a) Drop down applications menu!
b) In the applications filter (Mobile Template)

As of now on a desktop if I want to use the ES Group App the only way to post with it is via the drop down app menu.
I believe that many people will never find this menu!?!

Would it not make sense to have it turn up under the Group Cover Photo on all pages?
It just seems a shame to me that something that it supposed to integrates components is buried so deep…

1) Either in the Applications Drop Down menu which does not appear on all Group pages.
2) Or in the filter menu IF I have the mobile template.

It is not the end of the world but it is a detail that I think would help make this App really work for me. Maybe also others?

all the best

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