Hello. There is EasySocial 2.0 on the way. And i'm didn't see any attention to groups moderation changes.
Right now it's just pain.
For example. Imagine you have closed group with 200+ members. You have many request to join your group each day. Some one you need to approve, some one you don't want. So you must find user(thanks god there is filter for pending users), find this really small button in right side. And if you first time doing it you will stuck real hard. Because it's not obvious button. There is no description, no hints, nothing that says that is action button for users. Thanks god we already know that there is that button and what it does. We approve one guy. And page goes refresh. We approve another. And page goes refresh. We approve third one. And page goes refresh again and we curse that day we decided to make a group. Why we can't have a group action for user list? Why can't we have a checkbox that we can select multiple users and approve/kick/makeadmin them in one touch?
Another thing is search someone you want to kick or make admin. There is no way you can find him unless to check every page of user list. And its make me and all of group owners on my site really sad. I wish there was some search bar or even better filter/sort bar where you can filter/sort userlist by 'last time on site', 'join group time', or at least sort it by nickname from A to z. Everything is better than random mess.
I wish my soul cry will be heard and Easy Social 2.0 will be real easy.
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