Group Page Routing

Excited about introducing the GROUPS feature to my community.

Can you help me understand this routing issue though....

I have a menu item using CATEGORY LAYOUT which is set to pick up my SPORTS group category. This is intended to be the 'front page' for this part of my site... you can see it at /sports

That's all good... but when someone is looking at a specific group... try fencing then there is a category link that shows just under the title which takes the person to /groups/categories/34-sports/latest

That is a page type I don't want to use and from there they have to click "VIEW CATEGORY" to get back to my sports home page - it feels like an unnecessary page and an unnecessary click for the user.

So my overall question is - is there any way for the category link on a group page to route through to the single category layout that has been configured as a menu item???


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