SECURITY UPDATE EasyDiscuss 4.1.16 Released. Important security update and minor bug fixes 🔑


While this could be a great feature, we've now totally removed this feature from our groups and events. There are a couple very specific reasons as to why. We wanted to provide the feedback in hopes that others shared our thoughts and we could move toward better functionality here.

1. The implementation of how a discussion creation/update is posted in the timeline is the main source of confusion. When users see it in the timeline, they naturally gravitate towards commenting on it via the timeline post, not navigating to the actual discussion. Of course, when they do this, the discussion itself remains unanswered. It would be nice to either have comments on the timeline post automatically move to the discussion OR remove the ability to post on the timeline when it's a discussion post. (We tried doing this via CSS, but the classes weren't set up properly to do this.)

It is configurable whether or not it posts to the timeline at all, but if you don't post it to the timeline, how do people know there is a discussion? It's a paradox. I also know you can add a discussion widget with the office module, but again, it doesn't help much.

2. Features in discussion. It would be great to allow @mentions and hashtags in a post, similar to how it is done in a timeline post. Also, it would be nice if the editor for replies would be better, or not there at all. I'd like to be able to add links in the discussion replies, but it does not add the markup automatically.

3. The layout of the discussion is unattractive and wastes a lot of space. You have to scroll just to see the first reply, let alone add your own response.

4. Perhaps another option for displaying discussions is to have them show in the right sidebar instead of on the timeline, similar to how you have it for EasySocial Recent Polls?

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