EasySocial 2.2. Released
Hey there community,

I would like to know if you guys are interested in pushing some features that might still take a while or are some kind of extraordinary by financing them together? Just in case that Stackideas is fine with this concept.

I know that the developers here are VERY busy providing an outstanding support and at the same time developing new software and improving the existing one plus adding new features. Of course all of this will take its time.

Customisations for customers like we are generate more income for the developers and therefor they can get more people to work. So why not get together and get our wishes done with customisations that we buy together beside the usual development?

I would i.e. be very interested in some people getting together to get web push notifications for ES notifications done as quick as possible as well as the mobile web app template. To have this development accelerated we would need to buy a customisation and I would like to know if someone might think the same way and thinks that splitting the price apart would make it more possible to afford.

I would be very interested in the opinion of the community as well as the Stackideas staff itself about this way of customisations.

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