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Google Shortener Not Shortening Links


I have just setup https on my site and started testing the Twitter feeds and everything gets posted to Twitter but a few hours ago it just stopped. I created a test blog to see if it would auto post to Twitter and it did but the Google shorterner is not working. Could you help and please take a look? I tried everything I know that I learned from you awesome people. :)

The Google shortener was working and I reset up a new key to see if that would help. It just stopped working.

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Rob replied on Wednesday, September 21 2016, 11:42 PM
Accepted Answer

This ticket can be closed. The reason was that Goggle changed their API setup (was using an old API string). So here are the steps to setup an API key:

1. Go to Google API Console.

2. In the upper left you will see Google APIs and Project. Click on Project to Create project. Name your project in the window that pops up.

3. Then click on Enable API. This will bring up all the APIs that Google has. Look over to the right bottom for URL Shortener API and click on that and then click on Enable towards the top.

Then you must create credentials - Google will give you this message:

This API is enabled, but you can't use it in your project until you create credentials.
Click "Go to Credentials" to do this now (strongly recommended).

5. On the right hand side click on Go to Credentials.

6. A new window will open up and display Add credentials to your project. Choose your project in the first drop down, choose Other non-UI (e.g. cron job, daemon) from the second drop down, and choose Public data.

Then click What credentials do I need? button.

7. Your new API key will be created and you can click on the Done button.

You should be able to use it right away. You could edit it and restrict it to your domains or website. The easiest way to do this is by choosing IP addresses (web servers, cron jobs, etc.) and inputting your web servers IP address.

I have attached images that will step you through the process. If you don't have a step through process you may want to use this one in creating API keys.

Cheers and thanks for the support!

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