EasySocial 2.2. Released
Hi Si Team

Kindly go here:


And click on
“4 Members”
“48 Videos”
“1 Discussion”

Please note that the layout is different on the “48 Videos” page.
Honestly I have not got a clue how this is working…
But the idea is that the group “FCPX Foundations Basic” is password protected.
For what ever reason clicking “48 Videos” loads another Group layout.

When I asked the jlexart support about this:

Unfortunately, this layout built from ES and I don't know where it stored :(. I don't know why they design two header in same group.
Best regards,
JLexArt Team.

Hi, what exactly do you need to know and I will ask them and get back to you tomorrow? Then we are done :-)
 Thanks Paul.

I want to say with you is the "Join" button will apply for all ES, so you don't worry about it. And about content of Group, if we have a application and it build based on group (has ID is 34) the JLex Block will help you protect page then. The video application is a special case, it use another layout so we need add it to JLex Block :)
Best regards,
JLexArt Team.

I think some where there is something getting lost in translation but they seem very eager to get this working 100% maybe you guys have some kind of info/tips that will help them nail this?


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